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Pre-purchase Inspection

Pre-purchase Inspection - Cheap Transmission Repair San Diego

Pre-purchase Inspection

It is strongly recommended to perform a Pre-purchase Inspection before buying a used car. Unless you’re experienced at troubleshooting cars, one never knows what may lurk ‘under the hood’. Our veteran and dedicated Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) mechanics at Magic Lube Auto and Transmission Repair in San Diego will act in your best interests with a Pre-purchase car inspection. Find out if the used car is really worth buying.

What is a PPI

A Pre-purchase Inspection or PPI is a point by point graded vehicle analysis conducted by an automobile professional. Our certified and expert mechanic s will thoroughly provide a checkup and road test to look, hear and feel for potential car issues. A report with expert feedback will be provided afterwards. A better informed decision can then be made to determine if the vehicle is worth pursuing or moving on.

An essential PPI consists of:

Under The Hood Inspection

  • Engine – Start , listen and observe for anything suspicious or unusual. Check oil level and condition.
  • Transmission / Differential / Transfer Case – Observe for anything suspicious or unusual. Check transmission fluid levels and condition.
  • Check fluids and condition of radiator coolant, battery, power steering and brakes.
  • Inspect drive belts, radiator core, air filter and air conditioning condenser (if equipped).
  • Check radiator.
  • Check cooling system, heater, and air conditioning hoses and connections.
  • Check clutch reservoir fluid and condition (manual transmission).
  • Undercarriage Inspection

  • Engine – Check for any sign of leaks or anything unusual.
  • Transmission / Differential / Transfer Case – Check for any sign of leaks or anything unusual.
  • Check shock absorbers, suspension and struts.
  • Inspect steering gear box, linkage and boots, ball joints and dust covers.
  • Check catalytic converter, mountings, exhaust pipes and muffler.
  • Brakes – Check lines, hoses and parking brake cable.
  • Inspect shock absorbers, suspension and struts.
  • Check drive shaft and boots, u-joints, transmission linkage (if equipped).
  • Check fuel lines and hose connections.
  • Body Chassis – Inspect nuts and bolts
  • Check for appearances of rust.
  • Check undercarriage framework.
  • Brake and Tire Check

  • Check all brake linings and rotors.
  • Check tire tread and wear pattern.
  • Battery Check

  • Inspect terminals, cables and mountings.
  • Check battery condition
  • Inspection of the Interior and Exterior

  • Test head, tail, brake, backup, license plate and hazard lights. Test turn signals and exterior lamps.
  • Check front windshield, rear window, driver and passenger glass and mirrors.
  • Test clutch (if manual transmission).
  • Test wiper blades, operation and windshield washer.
  • Check emergency brake, horn, fuel tank cap, air conditioner, heater and radio.
  • Inspect carpet, upholstery, and floor mats (past indications of flooding?).
  • Visible inspection around entire vehicle to note anything unusual (rust, body work, etc.).
  • Road Test

  • Vehicle driven on road and highway with multiple testing at stops and turns by our expert mechanic for overall feel and handling.
  • Schedule your Pre-purchase Car Inspection

    The cost of a Pre-purchase car inspection may seem like an unnecessary expense. But, a PPI is really a small price to pay in comparison to an unexpected costly repair should the vehicle require it. It takes roughly two hours and is instantaneously worth it upon getting the results. Protect yourself and cash when seriously looking to buy a used car from a private seller or independent dealer with a PPI. Schedule a Pre-purchase Car Inspection with us at Magic Lube Auto Repair and Transmission in San Diego.