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Car Transmission Maintenance For Hot Summer Driving

Transmission Maintenance

Transmission Maintenance

By Kamal Sadik

Transmission maintenance is totally key before hitting the road to drive for work or just cruise during the hot days of summer. Maintaining your transmission system is an important responsibility because heat is one of your car’s worst enemies. When this automotive system repeatedly overheats, it can lead to wreaking havoc on your car and eventually on your finances. Keep these fundamental transmission care tips in mind.

Monitor Transmission Fluid

Transmission Fluid

The transmission fluid keeps the system lubricated to prevent heat build-up. However, many drivers do not keep a consistent maintenance plan and have no real idea when to inspect and or exchange the fluid.

As reported by professional mechanics, customers often make the mistake of driving with burned and dirty transmission fluid that compromise driving performance. Fluid that is a pinkish color provides the essential lubrication required when the car is driven hot. A dark brown color means the oil is burned and needs to be changed. By simply monitoring the fluid levels for these changes in color and levels at least every few weeks is recommended for ideal transmission maintenance.

Shift to Neutral

Neutral Gear

Allow your car to idle when stopped for extended periods. When shifting to neutral it’s like letting your transmission rest and break away from the strain and heat. So when you’re idle in traffic like at that long slow red light give it a try.

Ensure The Cooling System Is Running

Car Cooling System

Your vehicle’s cooling system is not only responsible for the engine, but helps to cool the transmission fluid. When the cooling system is damaged, transmission failure can occur even before the engine gives up. Have a professional mechanic inspect this system.

Consider Installing External Coolers

External Cooling System

External coolers are perfect for drivers that use their vehicles as work horses. Because of the additional pressure from increased weight, these coolers keep the system’s temperature under control especially when driving up inclines. In addition, external transmission coolers also reduce friction.

Certified Transmission SpecialistThere is never a good time when a transmission begins to develop problems. However, by starting a trusted relationship with a certified automotive specialist that can monitor and identify potential problems before they start is the first step to proper transmission maintenance. Your car can be a relative safe investment requiring minimal professional attention that can help to insure you against a lot of grief, lost time and money afterwards.