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Engine Repair

Engine Repair San Diego

Engine RepairProviding regularly scheduled maintenance of your car is the best preventative measure against costly engine repair. However, even the most diligently maintained vehicles without warning can begin to break down and give away warning signs that are not normal. While bringing your vehicle to a qualified mechanic is apparent at the first sign of engine trouble, it is challenging sometimes to find a trustworthy facility.

Professionally Certified Mechanics

For the most accurate diagnosis and engine repair, bring your car, truck or vehicle to Magic Lube Auto Repair. We have been providing engine repair in San Diego for all vehicle years, makes, and models for almost 15 years. You are guaranteed to get service by professional experts. Our ASE-certified technicians are veterans with many years of experience in engine diagnosis and repair needed to get your engine back in shape and working at its best. Look around, read our customer testimonials, and make an appointment with our auto repair mechanics.

Engine Problems

At the first sign of trouble, the earliest indication of a potential engine problem is the “Check Engine Light” on your vehicle’s dashboard. At your earliest convenience bring your car to Magic Lube Auto Repair to get a free diagnostic test as soon as this light comes on. Even if you are not experiencing any obvious signs of engine trouble, it is worth checking out. An inspection delay of your vehicle can give way and result with these greater common engine problems:
• rough idling
• pings or knocking sounds that gets worse on acceleration
• clicking, hammering, or rattling sounds
• vehicle consumes a lot more gas than usual
• car doesn’t accelerate normally
• vehicle produces or spits out dark exhaust smoke
• car engine is consumes excessive amounts of water or oil

Engine Repair Services

The car engine is a vital component to your vehicle and can never be overlooked. To keep your vehicle at optimum running condition, bring it to certified professionals with expertise and mechanical competence that can accurately diagnose and repair your car’s engine. If your engine does require service, Magic Lube and Auto Repair can assist with:
• Replace car engine
• Repair cylinder heads and head gaskets
• Valve jobs
• Reseal vehicle engine