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Oil Change

Oil Change

Magic Lube provides expert oil change services to keep your car safely running. Our mechanics know that a car can drive possibly hundreds of thousands of miles by having regular oil changes as part of a routine maintenance program. Many drivers claim to know the importance, but it is often lightly regarded and unfortunately is one of the main reasons that lead to costly engine repair.

Clean engine oil separates and helps prevent metal parts from rubbing that cause excessive friction and heat.  The oil lowers heat from the engine by cycling it out and around and through the oil filter where it is cycled back into the car’s engine.  Eventually, dirt, debris and by-products accumulate. If unchanged, the oil will begin to thicken.  Magic Lube has had to work on vehicles where the oil has thickened into sludge that result in mechanical problems.

There are many choices of oil to use in changing your engine oil. Our mechanics can help you decide between conventional oils and synthetic oils, SAE 10W-30 or SAE 5W-50 oils.

Having your oil changed regularly will greatly improve the engine life of the car as well as maintaining its horsepower while on the road. And keeping you safely on the road is our goal.

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