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Magic Lube Auto & Transmission Repair in San Diego strives for each customer to receive excellent services. We would appreciate a moment of your time and review your experience on Google Plus and or Yelp about us so that we can continue to serve others with their automotive repair needs.

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A Few Reviews

This place did a wonderful job on my breaks and transmission flush. The prices are excellent and the owner was very helpful, they made me feel like they cared and wanted to help. The customer service was awesome, which is really important to me and the service itself was great. I am a woman and Im often afraid to take my car in for service, even at the dealership, nevertheless, I left feeling very comfortable. My Jeep is running great and Im really happy with everything. Now I can take my car somewhere without feeling nervous or anxious and I know I can always depend on Magic Lube.

Really quick service and really good customer service.
Felt like they really care about their customers.

I ran about 2000 miles over my oil change =/ and they just told me how damaging it was for my car… and checked my air filters too. They told me they’d help me with it once I buy a new filter. Would definitely go back, it’s so cheap for an oil change with the yelp price. 🙂

Definitely recommend.

These guys were honest and straightforward. They replaced my clutch for a reasonable price and it functions perfectly. I was able to have my old parts back to inspect and see why it needed replaced. They went out of their way to find a lug nut key (since I forgot to leave mine in the car), so I wouldn’t have to make another trip to the shop. Also, they went ahead and topped off my manual transmission fluid for free. Thanks, and I will return with future car repair needs.